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Sewing Machine Repair in Sussex

sewing machine services in Horsham

Sewing Machine Repair in Sussex

Any sewing machine can face minor problems even after years of functioning well. When yours is not working to its full  potential, call in an experienced technician who can provide you with the appropriate solution.
At Sewing Machine Services, we understand how important a sewing machine is to you so we provide quality sewing machine servicing and repairs in Horsham and in the surrounding areas of West Sussex.

We were trained by leading manufacturers and can repair most domestic sewing machines and overlockers, as well as industrial sewing machines. Contact us today for more information.


Repairing Specialists

Faced with a sewing machine problem? Whether it is sewing tension or stitch quality issues, faulty sewing machine motors or foot controls, or other electronic problems, talk to our expert today who can advise you on the best course of action. We will repair your sewing machine so that it operates properly and runs smoothly once again. We offer both onsite services, home collection and drop-off facilities at chosen locations. You can rely on our team for fast and reliable services at affordable price.

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Our Servicing Includes:

  • Sewing machine service

  • Sewing machine repairs 

  • Domestic sewing machines

  • Industrial sewing machines 

  • Sewing machine spare parts

  • Overlocker services

  • Collection and drop-off services 

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Overlocker Repair Specialists

At Sewing Machine Services Sussex, we have an expert team to repair sewing machines and overlockers from reputable brands. Since 1985, we have focused on providing you with quality services at affordable prices. 

If you are looking for quality overlocker repairs service in Horsham or elsewhere in West Sussex, look no further and contact us today. 

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sewing machine services in Horsham
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