Domestic Machine Service Fees

General Service

  • For sewing machine incl. basic repair or setting

General Service

  • For overlockers, coverstich machines incl. basic repair

Repair or Call Out

  • Repair only, no machine service

Industrial Repairs

£55per hour
  • For industrial machine service & repairs contact us

Bench fee

  • Investigative diagnosis / call out quote  

All further costs or parts that may be required after starting a general service will be communicated to the customer and any additional work will only be done at the instruction of the customer who always has the final decision before unquoted work continues.

Any other fees for repairs outside of a standard service request is based on a quote provided at time of home call or when left at drop off point. Call out visual quotes may incur a fee which would be included if the quote is accepted but may be charged if job does not proceed, visual quotes made from machines left at drop off locations are free.

A bench fee may be required if investigative work is required to determine a fault or to determine economic viability of a repair , or  if a different  fault is found during the course of a general service. This may be charged if the the quote is not accepted or the machine is deemed unrepairable, or the service cannot be satisfactorily completed.